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Sunbeams in the Rain

I woke early this morning, and though I assume it’s been pretty cloudy and rainy throughout last night, when I woke, the sun happened to find a break in the clouds. As my cobwebs cleared, I watched out my window and simply absorbed the picture. The rays outlined the cloud, rimming it with a brilliant gold and showing its true glory, the pearly white beneath. Then as the sun found it’s break, it lit up the honeysuckle tree outside my window, like the burning bush which struck Moses with such wonder, how did the thing not burn up? The shadows danced on my floor a moment, and then the clouds swallowed up what light was left.

Now, the wind blows hard, whipping the raindrops till they sting the skin it hits. There is no shine of sunlight, and that honeysuckle, once magnificent gold, now is just a sad pale yellow.

It is so easy to dwell on how sad the weather looks outside, even more so to dwell on all that we are struggling with or have lost in our lives. Maybe its age, a close friend or a family member. Maybe it’s the loss of health or the mourning of something you never received. Whatever it is, all you see is the clouds.

Yet this reminds me of a flight I took a few years ago.

When we took off, the day was just like today. Windy, rainy and extremely gloomy. But then we broke out of the wall of clouds, and what I saw, was the most beautiful sight.

The sky was not cloudy, but it was the starkest and clearest blue I had ever seen it. The sun was so bright that it stung my eyes, and the clouds was the most perfect creamy white imaginable. It was so beautiful, and so glorious, it was hard to believe that below all this was a very dreary world.

When we live in a dreary world, it’s hard to believe that there is Light above. It’s hard to believe that there is always stars in the darkness or that a rainbows appear after storms. In the thick of it, we are only just trying to hold on. Yet may I remind us all, that Light is always here. It is always there. And best of all, it’s always within our grasp.

Jesus said that if you knock, the door will be opened, and if you seek you will find it. All we have to do to catch a hold of that light, that perfect Light, by the asking and the receiving. Then to believe it.

So on this day, I pray that you will have Light, and have it abundantly.



I am a Christian, farmer girl, home schooled, SPD survival (more to come on THAT to come) and student of Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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