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I have insomnia, this means that my brain does not SHUT. UP! I have anxiety issues, this means I stress about all the things my brain won’t shut up about. So, last night  early this morning, in the middle of running through my head all the things I needed to do today to have a good day and get a lot done, so I can be a successful young woman,  I began to write in a fit of inspiration.  I like it when this happens. I feel so much better with myself, and you know what, I got things done today!! Granted, I didn’t get everything done on my list, like study the book of Acts for a hour for quiz practice, read five chapters of the book of Genesis for this Old Testament class I happen to be taking at a collage, or do this little thing called cleaning your bedroom from all the crap  personal belongings thrown about the room but……..Who gets all the things done on their list anyway? I am learning to not beat myself up every time I do not match my expectations. That it is okay to mess up a little, cause you know what? Gods loves us always. Even with all the things on our list that aren’t Xed out, and even with the big things we reALLY messed up on.

 So in my insomnia I became slightly productive, I did something I loved, studied a little, went to sleep, got up at a descent time and finished my second book for my Ancient History homework today 🙂 So, here’s to late nights when you decide to work with your brain instead of trying to hush it up. Here’s to the simplistic beauty of a few words scratched out on blue lined paper. Yet most importantly, here’s to a God who loves us no matter what and gives us the gift of life.


sometimes they kill
sometimes they save
sometimes they heighten my storms
sometimes they calm them down
sometimes they find me
sometimes I have to chase them down
to catch them unawares
and hold them down
sometimes they hold me up
and sometimes they drop me
be they curse or blessing
I won’t be one to be rid of them in a hurry
I just pray that the words I toss will at least be for one person
the one thing they needed
to bring them to Jesus
and change their world




I am a Christian, farmer girl, home schooled, SPD survival (more to come on THAT to come) and student of Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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