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The Good Life

The Garden of Eden. God finished creating a perfect paradise, placed a perfect man and woman in it, and told them that they could eat from any tree of the garden except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

There was no sin. Man had an abundance of food at his fingertips. He worked with no toil and he played with no regrets. Enter in the serpent, the lying craftiness of the Devil, and instead of killing the thing, Adam listened, and then ate the forbidden fruit with his wife Eve. Man was banished from Eden forever on pain of death.

Ever since then, man has tried to get back to that life, we call it the Good Life.

But what is the Good Life? And how do we fulfill it?

The Good Life, in the worldly sense, is all about what we have and what we have accomplished. It’s about what gives us pleasure and about what pleases us. Hollywood preaches sex, money and fame, the Good Life. Yet if those Hollywood stars are living the Good Life, then why do they seem so unfulfilled? Why do we hear about the drugs, the affairs, the binge drinking? Could it be that the “good life” is not all that it seems?

In the Noah Websters 1828 dictionary, the word good is first described in the material matters, wealth, removal of pain, prosperity etc, but definition five states:


  1. Moral works; actions which are just and in conformity to the moral law or divine precepts.

I propose that the “good life” is not how we live, but how we respond to the Gospel.

I propose that we as Christians and followers of Jesus Christ should not be pursuing the “Good Life” but that which is Good, the unbroken commune with God, living to please Him, and not ourselves.

Scripture says that we are to pursue whatever is “true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and whatever is commendable.” (Phil 4:8).

It wasn’t the fact that there was no sin, or that man seemed to have whatever was his heart’s desire that was “good” about Eden, but the fact that Adam and Eve had complete unbroken commune with God. The Good Life is not about that we have it all, but that we have the One who gave it all.



I am a Christian, farmer girl, home schooled, SPD survival (more to come on THAT to come) and student of Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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