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I will praise you, O LORD,

with all my heart;

I will tell of all your


I will be glad and rejoice in


I will sing praise to your

name, O Most High

The dam did not burst, but little cracks were forming, and the stonewall was starting to shine wet. For the first time I was truly hungry for God’s word. I did not want to stop, I did not want to put my bible and pen down for a moment. I was ecstatic with joy. None of my other “happies” compared to the freedom, joy, and absolute love I felt as I dived into the Scriptures.

For the words of the Lord are

right and true;

he is faithful in all he does.

You want to know what made me laugh the most?

Here I was, reading my bible, taking notes, comprehending what was said, thinking about how it applies to my life, being driven to my knees, and through it all, I was doing everything Satan hated, and he could not do a thing about it!

I knelt in the middle of my bedroom floor, talking to my Jesus, almost in tears, while in my mind I imagined Satan off to my right (a man, or a devil cartoon with red horns) raging and throwing a perfect tantrum. Smoke was coming out of his ears; his face was red, stomping around, flapping his arms, cursing, and whining like a five year old. I was laughing out loud, practically sticking my tongue out at him. I imagined God sitting on his throne, laughing with me, rejoicing that I was in love with Him.

I was free. Satan had no power over me, he could do nothing!

I was wholly, absolutely, in love with my Jesus, with a strong, vivid desire to be the best that I possible could, all for Him.

I was close to tears with the triumph and exultation I felt, everything in me wanted to belt out in boisterous song, to jump and shout! I was a surging river inside, ready to gush out and flood the whole house.

Sing to the LORD, you saints

of his;

praise his holy name.

For he turned my wailing into


He removed my sackcloth

and clothed me with joy,

that my heart may sing to

Him and not be silent.

O LORD my God, I will give

You thanks forever!



I am a Christian, farmer girl, home schooled, SPD survival (more to come on THAT to come) and student of Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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